Pizza Peels

Pizza dough press 40 cm     16" Pizza Dough Press
(Item #600-981)

Keep a pizza dough press on your prep counter in your restaurant, cafeteria, or pizzeria so you can flatten dough into perfect circles.
Voltage: 110 V / 60Hz Power: 0.37Kw
Price:  US$1999.99 

divider bewteen Spring-loaded hog ring pliers
Pizza dough press
Pizza press manual
     12" Pizza Dough Press
(Item #600-980)

Speed up pizzza making with a pizza dough press in your restaurant, cafeteria, or pizzeria. Works great and FAST!
Voltage: 110V/60Hz Power: 0.37Kw
Price:  US$1899.99 

divider bewteen Spring-loaded hog ring pliers
dough divider
      Automatic Dough Divider Machine
(Item #600-979)

Dough dividers and rounders make the little round dough balls from which many different tasty rolls are made.
Evenly divides batches of dough into 36 equal portions.
Voltage: 110 Volts / 60Hz Power: 0.75KW
Price:  US$3399.99 


divider between 3/4
Pizza Oven      
14" Pizza Conveyor Oven
(Item #619-143)

220 Single phase 6700 Watts. Powerful! 100-600F
Measures:44"/57" * 23" * 17"
The intelligent numerical control system can clearly show speed of the converyor belt and the temperature of the heating tubes so that they can be adjusted according to the users' needs.
Price:  US$3699.99 
Commercial Pancake Griddle
Wood pizza peel       Wood Pizza Peel, 12" x 13" Small Blade
(Item # 619-126)

Slide loaves of bread, pizzas, pastries, and other baked goods into and out of an oven. Wood pizza peels should never be soaked in water. If necessary they can be seasoned or sealed with oil. To seal, wipe any food safe oil (like mineral oil) on the surface of the peel. Some oils will eventually go rancid; these oils should be avoided. If sealed, the peel is less likely to pick up unwanted odors, food particles and moisture. This will not increase the life span of the peel. Peels eventually wear out. If peel warps, leave overnight with the warp facing up and it should flatten out. Avoid leaving on hot surfaces, which could increase chance of warping.

* 12" x 13" blade
* 22" handle
* 35" overall length

Price:  US$22.99 
divider between Wood Pizza Peel
Pizza Oven Brush      Stainless Steel Pizza Oven brush
(Item #629-116)

36" handle to reach way back.

Stainless steel.
Industrial quality.

Price:  US$24.99 
Stainless Steel Rolling Pin!

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