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    Pro Processor has a wide variety of electric and manual meat grinders to suit the needs of your business, as well as the parts! Stainless steel trays, pans, knifes, plates, and more are available throughout the website. We're sure you'll find all the right accessories to keep your business running smoothly right here.

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Choosing a Meat Grinder

Why get your ground meat from a grocery store or distributer when you instead can control the texture, taste and freshness. Though it is handy, and saves time to get your ground meat at your local meat market, but the choice of grinding your own meat is obvious when you consider all the reasons to do it yourself.

Reasons to Use a Meat Grinder to Grind Your Own Meat

  • One of the biggest reasons to grind your own meat is that the meat tastes fresher. With no time to absorb the tastes and extra smells of the freezer and refrigerator, your meat tastes fresher.
  • Meat grinders a can allow you to have the texture and size you want
  • By grinding your own meat, you can immediately season and flavor the meat the way you want it,
  • before it competes with those other smells and favors of the environment it absorbed.
  • Meat grinding allows you to choose the fat content of the meat
  • Grinding your meat allows you to choose which cuts of meat go into your grind.
  • By having complete control of your meat processing, you can use your meat grinder to make sure there isn't added or unnecessary filler that goes into your meat.
  • Grinding your own meat gives you the peace of mind that you are feeding your customers quality ground meat, no byproducts, no unusual pieces of meat, no bones, just quality ground meat.
  • A value added service you can advertise to your customer
  • You can grind virtually anything however here are the more popuar types of meat that are ground.

    Common Types of Meat You Process with Your Meat Grinder

  • Sirloin
  • Beef Chuck
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Salmon
  • Tips for Using Your Meat Grinder

    There are a number of sites and YouTube videos out there that will give you best practices on grinding your own meat. Here are a few tips:

    Salt Meat before Grinding

    Salt dissolves some proteins and allows them to link easier

    Grind Your Meat Cold

    It is common knowledge that if you don't grind your meat cold it twill smear, giving it a "cooked, pulpy and dry texture." For this reason you should keep your meat chilled through the meat grinding process, whether that is in a refrigerated appliance nearby or another ice cold bowl. Even after your meat is ground, you should chill your meat immediately.

    Trim Your Meat

    One of the biggest things you want to avoid when processing your meat is Smearing. This can happen with your commercial electric meat grinder when your blade gets into contact with sinew, or bones making the blade become dull. Instead of cutting the meat, the machine just pushes the meat out through the holes instead of cutting it. This gives you chewed up texture instead of a smooth texture.

    Continuously Inspect the Meat Grinding Process

    Through the process of grinding your meat watch for things like smearing, sticking, and the texture of the grind. You can always use the reverse function or your electric grinder if it has that function to to fix some of these issues.

    Keep your Meat Grinder and Work Area Clean

    Avoid cross contamination, bacteria and harmful food borne illness by keeping your area and meat grinding machine clean. Also, sometimes during the process of grinding you might need to clean your machine to fix any issues.

    Keep Your Blades Sharp

    Dull blades can cause meat smearing and interfere with the quality and overall production of the meat. Typically you shouldn't have to sharpen them more than once or Twice a year.

    Grind it Twice

    If you are looking for a finer grind, start with a larger attachment and move to a smaller one.

    Immediately Season Meat

    If you are a restaurant you may want to season your meat right away. Once the meat is ground it will begin to absorb some of the surrounding smells and flavors. Adding seasoning and flavoring here may help to enhance the overall flavor.

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