Bar Tools

WALL MOUNT BOTTLE OPENER      Wall Mount Bottle Opener
(Item #676-782)

The wall mount bottle opener is ideal for bars or restaurants that want to give that pub type of feel and are incredibly useful for cracking open a bottled drink next to any wall or stall.The wall mount bottle opener is great for any pub or beer enthusiast, simply screw into a durable wall and it is good to go. Made out of stainless steel for its ease of maintenance and durability.

  • Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 2"

    Price:  US$2.99  
    FLAT BOTTLE OPENER      Flat Bottle Opener
    (Item #904-078)

    A sleek metal design and thin width provide for maximum durability and space. The convenient compact size provides 2 different sides to open bottle caps of all sizes. Very easy to use, just use one side or the other and pop open a bottled drink.

  • Dimensions: 8" x 2" x 1"

    Price:  US$2.70  
  • Flat Bottle Opener
    Can Opener      Can Opener
    (Item #904-079)

    The can opener is ideal for any restaurant, bar, or home environment because cans of fruit and other foods always require a quick, easy way to be open. There are two sides to the can opener, so use it to open either small cans or large cans without worry.

  • Dimensions: 5" x 1" x 1"

    Price:  US$1.19  
  • Can Opener
    Cork Screw      Cork Screw Winged
    (Item #904-080)

    This corkscrew is ideal for any bar, restaurant, or home that is a purveyer of fine wines or champagnes that require uncorking. With the classic design and simple style, uncorking wine is a breeze. Heavy duty, chrome plated winged corkscrew.

    Price:  US$7.99  
    Cork Screw
    Stainless Steel Cap Catcher      Cap Catcher Stainless Steel
    (Item #904-081)

    The cap catcher is the perfect tool for any pub or bar, making sure that beer drinkers will place caps in the appropriate place. Made out of stainless steel for its ease of maintenance and durability. The catcher is deep so that it can store many caps and last the whole night. Clean up is a breeze. Simply push the catcher up above the screw, pull loose, and empty out.

  • Measures:5 3/4" x 10" bottle cap catcher.

    Price:  US$31.99  
  • Stainless Steel Cap Catcher
    11 inch Deluxe Bar Spoon      Bar Spoon 11" Deluxe
    (Item #904-082)

    The deluxe bar spoon is perfect for any bar, restaurant or home that serves drinks that need to be stirred - such as shakes. The stainless steel frame is twirled at the handle for easy stirring The overall length of the spoon is 11". Great for deep cups.

  • Dimensions: 12" x 2" x 1"

    Price:  US$2.99  
  • 11 Deluxe Bar Spoon
    Jigger Stainless Steel      Jigger Stainless Steel
    (Item #904-088)

    This jigger allows you two different measurements in one handy tool which saves your bartender time and your bar money. This double jigger has a polished stainless finish on the outside with a satin finish on the inside. Make sure to have your jigger on hand when you are lining up the drinks for a thirsty crowd.

  • This jigger holds .75 oz x 1.5 oz

    Price:  US$3.99  
  • Jigger Stainless Steel
    Bar Strainer      Bar Strainer
    (Item #904-083)

    The bar strainer is perfect for keeping any unwanted fruit refuse from going into drinks. The bar strainer is ideal for any bar, restaurant, or home environment since it can be used for mixed drinks of all flavors. Weed out pulp, pits, and any other type of fruit waste that does not belong in drinks. Since it's stainless steel, it fights acid corrosion and is easy to clean.

    Price:  US$3.99  
    Bar Strainer
    32 oz Cocktail Shaker      Cocktail Shaker 32 Oz
    (Item #904-086)

    For those people that like their drinks shaken, this is a handy product with a deep base. The cocktail shaker is an excellent item for any bar, restaurant or home for shaking a variety of drinks. Since it is made out of stainless steel, rest assured, it is durable and will prevent acid corrosion. The product can be used for more than just drinks. It can also be used to shake up all types of foods as well such as mixed nuts.

  • Dimensions: 11" x 5" x 5"

    Price:  US$8.99  
  • 32 oz Cocktail Shaker
    16 OZ COCKTAIL MIXER (3 PCS)      Cocktail Mixer 16 Oz (3 Pieces)
    (Item #904-087)

    Mix cocktails easily with the 3 piece mixer that contains 3 items: a container, cup, and an ice strainer. The 3 piece cocktail mixer is ideal for bar, restaurant, or home usage since it comes as a set that serves multiple purposes. The stainless steel is easy to clean, prevents corrosion, and provides a sleek mirror-finish.

    Price:  US$12.99  
    16 oz Cocktail Mixer (3 PCS)
         3 Brush Glass Washer
    (Item #646-380)
    Durable firm grip suction cup base, heavy duty long life brushes.

    Price:  US$12.75 
    White Poly Apron
    Plastic Salt & Sugar Glass Rimmer      Salt & Sugar Glass Rimmer Plastic
    (Item #904-089)

    The plastic salt and sugar glass rimmer provides a convenient all-in-one tool for margaritas and other drinks. The rimmer is a great tool for any bar, restaurant, or even at home since margaritas and other drinks require the sugar or salt that rims the glass. There are multiple compartments for sugar and salt, but that's not all, a handy sponge is held so you can wet the rims of the glasses. Since it is an all-in-one item, it is easy to store and can be used time and time again.

  • Accommodates cocktail glasses up to 5 1/2" in diameter
  • Dimensions: 7.75" x 6" x 2.75"

    Price:  US$17.99  
  • Plastic Salt & Sugar Glass Rimmer
    2 Qt Pail      Pail Balti 2 Qt
    (Item #681-012)

    This lightweight stainless steel wine bucket is an essential on hand item for restaurants, caterers, and party planners. This economical wine bucket can be used for ice, champagne, and other beverages as well as a centerpiece or a receptacle to dress up holding other tabletop items like flatware, condiments, and favors.

    Price:  US$21.99  
    2 Qt Pail
    Oval Tray     Oval Tray Fiberglass Anti-Slip Black
    (Item #611-217)

    High durability fiberglass tray with molded in non-slip surface. The non-slip layer resists peeling at the edges for long lasting use.

  • Easily washable by hand.
  • Not recommended to be soaked in hot water.
  • NSF certified product.
  • Dimensions 27" x 22".

    Price:  US$39.99  

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