Manual for Meatball Making Machine

Automatic shape burger machine

Automatic Meatball Making machine

1. Machine Introduction

It according to the demands of the meatball machine, it is made of stainless steel or copper, conform to the hygiene stander. It has beauty shape, small volume, save power, high efficiency. Meanwhile it can produce about 230 pills per minutes. ( larger, medium-size, and small model can be chosen). It is the idea food machine for process burger and fish and so on.



Motor Power






Rotational speed


Quantity of output per minute

230 pills

External dimension





1)、Check power supply voltage is consistent with the nameplate is markedPower lines have adequate capacity, There are not equipped with the appropriate leakage circuit breakers and capacity of the correct fuse.

2)、This product is the power line with a yellow-green color of the line ground wire must be connected reliably meet the electricity requirements of the grounding device.

3)、The machine should be placed on the flat ground, can only operate smoothly. Between the machinery and the wall should have adequate space to maintain good ventilation, and easy to operate.

4)、Do not make the machine by the rain, water droplets, or placed in special wet areas to prevent electrical failure or leakage.

4Use and Maintenance

1)、Machines to be placed in a stable place, connected to the power and ground to ensure safety, the machine equipped with electrical power of 1100W.

2)、The machine should be cleaned before use, this machine is a complete mechanical way of working, first make meat balls beater to pulp before being placed in the machine processing.

3)、Steel sets out the meat in a meat right volume adjustment switch, can be used for transfer meatballs roundness (when the meat is excessive, the meatballs variable length and meat over the amount of hours, meatball comes flat, when the barrel over the amount of meat paste hours, the machine does not work).

Note: You can only adjust the mechanical rotation

4)、To turntable, place a big tub, and then sung on the warm water.

5)、The machine is equipped with four sets of modules can be transposed, method: It is to die within a gear head and steel on the sliding board out to replace.

6)、Stir well to put into the hopper after the pulp, and then before boot, the boot process after the first take out the meat balls before being placed in barrels (without forming balls).

7)、After the meatballs processing should pusher rod, into the hopper, gear and the plate taken out clean.

8)、Used for a period of time to check the machine is available inside the spring, if there is no stretch needs to be replaced a new one.


1)、Before and after each use, the machine should be cleaned to ensure food hygiene.

2)、Use half a year, has cast some of the drive chain lubricant.

3)、Use of the environment should be away from flammable and explosive liquids and gases, clean body of water injection and sink when the water is strictly prohibited.

4)、Such as the replacement power cord, you must disconnect the power supply, type of oil used YZW corrosion sets of soft lines, the nominal cross-sectional area of not less than 1.5mm2

5)、In case of overload the machine when you open the lid, locate the reset button to manually reset after use, such as protection in continuous overload occurred, please repair the circuit.

6)、Belt is damaged should be replaced on time.

7)、Warning: To ensure safety, carrying out maintenance, you must first cut off the power, by the professionals to deal with.

8)、Failure and their treatment:




The machine could not start

1,The voltage is too low

2, There is no fuse fitted

3, Electrical line fault

1, Check the power supply voltage

2, Fitted with fuse

3, Repair electrical lines

Work, a sudden stop or intermittent movement

1, The voltage is too low

2, Fuse blown

3, Belt slipping

1, Check the power supply voltage

2, Troubleshooting, replacement fuse

3, Adjusting the belt

Running noise is too large

Poor lubrication

At filling grease in the bevel gear



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