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Hispanic food has become a large part of everyday life now in America. Shouldn't you embrace the culture? Pro Processor has all the machines and accessories you need to create your own flatbreads and tortillas. Browse and see what you can find!
Commercial Mini Wedge Flour Tortilla Press
Video of Mini Flour Tortilla Press
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Mini Flour Tortilla Press
(Item #676-504)

This compact tortilla press is extremely portable, easy to use and clean, requires no special electric hookups. Makes a flour tortillas approx. every 5 seconds Pull lever, insert dough ball, machine presses a 4 - 7 inch diameter tortilla that has been lightly toasted to seal the surface of the tortilla It must still be cooked. This Mini-Tortilla makes cost efficient, high quality tortilla production available to all sized establishments. Fresh Flour Tortillas produced in only two square feet of counter space! Offers a capacity of 500 ready to cook Tortillas per hour depending upon the skill of the equipment operator. 120 Volts AC (220 Optional not UL approved)
  • Model #: 23-12, 25-12
  • Size: 14" H x 12.4" W x 23" L
  • Footprint: 21.726" x 11.125"
  • Productivity: Produces up to 500 ready-to-cook tortillas from per hour from 4" to 7" in Diameter.
  • Power: Model 23-12 120V 15 Amps
  • Total Power Usage: 1800 Watts
  • Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.
Price:  US$4,250.00 
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Heavy Duty Commercial Flour Tortilla Wedge Press
Video of Flour Tortilla Wedge Press
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Flour Tortilla Wedge Press
(Item #676-503)

The Wedge Press is simple to use, easy to clean and will produce tortillas up to 12" in diameter. This wedge press is fully electric patented and can produce up to 900 ready-to-cook tortillas per hour depending upon diameter, thickness and skill of the equipment operator. This unique wedge press is designed to "seal" tortillas thus providing a higher moisture content and greatly reducing your shortening requirements. Designed for countertop use, or available with a special floor stand. 220-180 Volt AC Single Phase
  • Model #: 12
  • Size: 25.75" H x 18" W x 24.87" L
  • Footprint: 26" x 18"
  • Productivity: Can produce up to 780 to 900 ready-to-cook tortillas per hour from 4 " to 12" Diameter.
  • Power: 220/180 AC, 60 Hz, 23.4 Amps
  • Total Power Usage: 5.6 KW
  • Total Heating Element: 5200 Watts
  • Motor Size: 1/8 Hp, 90 VDC Variable, 1 Amp
  • Shipping Weight: 200 lbs.
Price:  US$12,472.00 
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Electric Commercial Grade Mini Wedge
Video of Electric Tamale Machine
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Electric Tamale Machine
(Item #676-509)

The Electric Tamale Machine is fabulous. Because of its state-of-the-art design, it can produce up to 200 dozen tamales an hour that have that "homemade" taste. 25 Dozen per Load Capacity, Approx 225 Lbs. Cutter & Conveyer come with machine.
  • Model #: 31 Size: 81" H x 28" W x 33" L
  • Footprint: 33" x 28"
  • Productivity: Produces up to 200 dozen tamales per hour.
  • Electric: 120 Volt, 1 Phase, 5 Amps, 60 Hz
  • Shipping Weight: 720 lbs

Price:  US$25,999.99 
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